5 Expert Tips for Cleaning Your Windows

Cleaning your windows right means more time spent enjoying the beautiful views and fresh air they provide. Andersen Windows shares 5 tips for the best results!

Brought to you by Andersen Windows

Nothing feels as good as spring cleaning. After a season spent mostly indoors, the chance to clear out closets, refresh seasonal accessories and tackle the occasional cleaning projects feels like a rediscovery of everything you love about your home.

Cleaning windows is one project that brings fresh light into an interior space. Here are a few things to remember when preparing to clean your windows:

  1. Avoid cleaning in direct sunlight. If you can, pick an overcast day to clean your window glass. The muted light is perfect for catching any streaks before they dry.
  2. Know your glass type. Some windows have a special coating to help with energy performance or filtering UV rays, which can be harmed by some cleaners. For Andersen Windows, we recommend checking out this guide, which helps you identify your glass type and which cleaners to use – or avoid – for best results.
  3. Remember to clean the insect screens, too. They are part of your window system and get the same exposure to the elements as the rest of the window. Simply remove the screen unit from the window and place on clean flat surface. A solution of water with mild detergent is all you need: apply with a soft cloth, rinse, and dry with a towel. That’s it!
  4. Check the window hardware. Dust can accumulate in tiny corners; sticky fingers can leave behind residue. A soft cloth with mild detergent can wash away just about anything. For metallic finishes, use a cleanser rated for the metal.
  5. Wipe debris from the sill. A clean windowsill can boost your window’s performance, allowing for a tighter seal and truer fit.

In most regions, homeowners may only need to clean their windows a few times per year. However, some coastal areas, industrial areas or agricultural areas that may contain high amounts of airborne particles may need to be cleaned more frequently.

Taking time to clean your windows right means more time spent enjoying the beautiful views and fresh air they provide for many months to come!



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