Living in Style

Living in Style: Queen Anne

Love Victorian homes? Learn what makes the Queen Anne style predictably unpredictable.

Brought to you by Andersen Windows

From 1880 to 1910, the Queen Anne style so completely dominated Victorian residential architecture that it has become synonymous with the word “Victorian” for so many people.

Queen Anne architecture displays a taste for all things current and fashionable. This desire led people to embrace the possibilities of mass production that made design elements more affordable and more obtainable. As such, the wall surfaces in Queen Anne style homes became primary decorative elements by incorporating gables, bay windows, towers, overhangs, wall projections, trim and multiple cladding materials of various textures.

This beautiful New Orleans property is listed by Irene Lutkewitte with Coldwell Banker TEC Realtors for $2,875,000.

This “more is more” mindset is well represented in the many style elements found in Queen Ann architecture, such as:

• Textured surfaces, decorative patterns of wood or stone, various colors of shingles and slate
• Elaborate decorative trim, stained glass and an array of colors
• Towers, turrets, porches, balconies, and bay windows
• Tall, double-hung windows, with the upper sash decorated with art glass or with a decorative grille pattern

This stunning Queen Anne home located in Oak Bluff, MA is listed by Theresa Geary with Coldwell Banker Landmarks Real Estate for $3,650,000.

The result is an exuberant collection of eclectic details combined in delightful and unexpected ways. It’s this predictable unpredictability that makes Queen Anne one of our favorite styles at Andersen and explains the enduring charm and draw of this particular home style.

Learn more about the Queen Anne style at Andersen Windows’ online Home Style Library.


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