Some Ideas to Shake Up your Living Room

5 Living Room Design Ideas That Are Truly Smart

Many homeowners dream up living room design ideas that never take off. It could be that they don’t have the budget or the space to make those ideas a reality. If you want to give your living room a makeover, read on for some ultra-smart ideas to instantly update your  home.

1. Shake up a can of spray paint.

The best living room design ideas are often the simplest ones. If your home has a few items that have seen better days — perhaps a dusty old lamp or a scratched-up table — don’t toss them. Instead, reach for a can of spray paint. Just prime the pieces and spray on a fresh coat of paint. Here’s a helpful how-to before you get started.

2. Use paint and paper strategically.

Did you come across a gorgeous wallpaper that you’d love to see in your home? Don’t commit to papering the entire wall; apply only in look-at-me places, such as an art nook or inside a chair rail. The same idea goes for paint. Bring a cheery pop of yellow or soothing shade of green into your living room by painting a square above your couch or on an open wall.

3. Bring in a few statement pieces.

When thinking of living room design ideas, remember that it doesn’t take much to freshen up your space. Look for statement pieces in vibrant colors or bold prints, and arrange them around the room. You might opt for a uniquely patterned pillow or a one-of-a-kind knickknack from the Dallas Flea Market.

4. Perk up your color palette.

If you’ve played it safe with your living room decor, sticking to mostly neutral colors or blacks and whites, it may be time to pump up the energy. You can give your space an eclectic look and revamp the look and feel by bringing in some unexpected colors. Get some inspiration by checking out Pantone’s fall colors for 2015.

5. Forget about symmetry.

There’s no rule that says everything in your living room needs to be perfectly balanced. In fact, by throwing things out of whack a touch, you’ll do wonders for breathing new life into your room. Instead of centered directly over your couch, consider moving artwork off to the left or right. And instead of hanging a pendant light directly above a table, position it off to one side. By making these small tweaks, you’ll create a space that’s composed but not over-the-top organized.

There you have it: A few smart living room design ideas that go a long way towards reinvigorating the coziest room in your home. Which ideas will you try?


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